Zoe Lockridge was 13 at the time she got started on Facebook as an admin on a page called Konata after getting involved with the "community" she started to date Nick Appleweed Dankallah. Who fetished Carly Rae Jepsen. In her many facebook shenigans and through her mental illness, she would constantly try to commit suicide, cry about everything, and get locked up in mental instiutions. Her mother was also responsible for this, molesting her at age 14 and abusing her until she was 18 and left home. 

Zoe's mother

Zoe's mother is an overweight slob that would abuse zoe and molest her many times throughout the saga of Zoe. She would go from boyfriend to boyfriend.

Nick Appleweed Dankallah

Zoe's first longterm boyfriend, they would constantly fight and they were in a daddy dom relationship with eachother. In the many private messages they had, you could find the word "cummies" used thousands of times. 

Ryan Takanashi

One of Zoe's first friends and also a known pedophile. The Ryan Takanashi lore goes deep and will be found here 


 After she got into the community from konata, and ryan takanashi's help. She eloped with Nick Dankallah in wonderful roleplay sex. Soon afterwards they began to date. After getting some fame in the community, her old internet profiles begin to surface. Such as her trying to be a promoter for scene kids and her tumblr page, which shows her kissing and make out with an ugly n(eighbo)r, that she swears is not true.  


 Soon after she was made a meme by Michael Love and the entire community made fun of her for being, herself. A popular video about this topic can be found here which i suggest giving a watch. Throughout the intricate history of Zoe Lockridge, she had many breakdowns due to mental illness, (caused by her mother and her ex boyfriend nick). Which also became an integral part of her Lore. Two years later, she finally broke up with Nick. Struck by depression and her need to find a partner. She resorted to /r9k/ to find a boyfriend, and shortly after, she found one. Soon he enlisted into the air force to work as an air traffic controller, and Zoe was incredibly happy. But as he came back from bootcamp, he there after kicked her off the internet completely, and most traces of her have disappeared since.